Sling Fabrics

At Total Upholstery, we offer a wide variety of high-quality sling fabrics that are perfect for outdoor use. There are dozens of options to choose from, with so many different colors and patterns for you to consider. Regardless of what style or design you’re hoping for, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect sling fabrics for your outdoor sling chairs.

Top Quality Fabric Design

All of our sling fabrics have been carefully designed to provide you with a premium feel. We know the importance of comfort - nobody likes lying on a sling chair that feels uncomfortable! By only using quality sling fabrics, we ensure that your chairs can be used for hours on end with no complaints.

Not only that, but we have very intricate designs and patterns that really set our sling fabrics apart from the rest. There are so many different color versions to look at; from bright orange citrus to turquoise stone, and even classic black mesh. With so many choices available, you can take your time to find the perfect sling fabrics for your specific requirements.

Extremely Durable Fabrics

Naturally, sling fabrics are designed for outdoor use. They’re a vital part of all sling chairs, which are typically found at pools, beaches and waterparks. As such, you need to be confident that your sling fabrics are as durable as can be. Think about all the natural wear and tear they’ll face from people climbing on them, the weather battering them - it can be easy for rips and holes to appear in low-quality offerings.

With our sling fabrics, you’ve got something that’s so incredibly durable and will stand up to everything that’s thrown at it. It doesn’t matter how many people lie on your sling chairs every day, or how bad the weather might be - our fabric is designed to last! We pride ourselves on offering excellent value for money, and the durability of our sling fabrics is the main reason for it.

Why Choose Our Sling Fabrics?

We firmly believe that our sling fabrics are the best around. Not only are they durable and incredibly stylish, but they’re also very stretchable. This means you can stretch them nice and tight on your sling chairs and they won’t sag easily. When sling fabrics sag, it almost makes the furniture unusable, which causes lots of people to throw theirs away. Don’t do this! Buy our sling fabrics to breathe new life into old sling chairs and make them seem brand new once more.

Plus, the fabric we use is so wonderfully breathable, making it lovely for people to lie on. It helps regulate body temperature and deals very well with moisture. You don’t have to worry about damaging the material if water splashes on it or someone lies down after a swim in the pool!

Find The Perfect Sling Fabrics Today

Don’t let your sling chairs suffer with old fabrics that are worn and saggy. Upgrade to something far better and more durable by purchasing our sling fabrics! Browse through the product listings to find the perfect option for you, then get in touch with us to learn more about delivery and pricing.